WE ARE regularly organising charity events to support and give back to the community; a recent event was the ‘Legends’ Ball, which supports charities such as: 

  • Restart RPA – This charity is the official charity of the RPA (Rugby Player Association)
  • WBC -  The World Boxing Council charity gives back to the communities and provides opportunities to disadvantaged people.
  • DEBRA – This is an international medical research charity dedicated to curing epidermolysis.
  • The Switch, The Play Foundation, is the UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting all sports people successfully transition into life outside sport.
  • Best Beginnings is a charity that supports premature or sick babies. 
  • Rainbows is a hospice charity which is targeted at the younger generation and children.  



WE ARE fully committed to focus on our people and have recently set up a behavioral safety program, which concentrates on the long-term sustainable behavioral shifts creating the safest possible culture on all our projects. 

The Statom Group is continually looking to get involved in charity events, participating in Christmas jumper day, wearing jumpers, and selling cakes to raise money for various charities.

It has and will continue to improve the safety culture within the group. Improving all staff morale and increasing their knowledge of how to be safe. 


The program achieves:

  • Universality of behaviors 
  • Culture and how it matters 
  • Psychology of safety
  • Leadership 
  • Psychology communications
  • Consequences 


Positive Mental Health in the Workplace

WE ARE engaged in understanding the importance of a healthy mind and do our utmost for the people of our business. 

We have recently trained two mental health first aiders who have been conducting talks across all our sites.

We are committed to investing in mental health training, creating more awareness of mental health, whilst helping our staff with any related issues.