Statom Group is investing in all aspects of the business in readiness for the future.

After a record year for the Statom Group that has included a rebrand and £6 million investment in plant and machinery, Statom Group is on track to invest heavily to future proof their business, with a capital injection to improve everything from their people to their equipment.

Brexit will create a skills shortage, and Statom Group will make its largest-ever investment in training and personal development for those looking to have a successful construction career. This is no small task and forms a significant part of 2020 - 2023’s business plan, as they look to deliver the right talent for the modern construction market. 

Statom Group, Laindon is a suburban district in Basildon New Town

Statom Group has renewed confidence in the UK Construction industry and is keen to get behind it, to meet the UK construction and housing needs.

Statom Groups £3.5Million Investment into New Machinery

The UK currently has a housing shortfall of 2.7million homes, which is only increasing despite Covid 19 and all its associated issues and Statom is keen to move forward and ensure that they are best placed to help support the UK to reach its housing targets

One hundred and seventy thousand houses were built in 2019, against a government target of 300,000 per year; however, this was the highest level in 11 years, and needs to continue to gather momentum, to create more homes for UK residents.

Brexit is likely to have a significant impact on the construction industry, which relies heavily on migrant labour with nearly a third of London construction workers coming from EU countries. With immigration controls tightening, there is set to be a massive shortfall in labour and a skills gap that is hard to fill with UK workers.

Statom Group is heavily aware of the impact this will have on the construction industry as a whole and understands the importance of having the right people within the company. For this reason, Statom is investing £1 million in training programmes over the next 5 years to grow knowledgeable, competent teams and create the managers of the future. 

Statom Group Investing in Skills 2020 - 2023

Stan Nikudinski said “Brexit will create some recruitment challenges, our industry has been aware of this from the offset, here at Statom Group we will make training and development a priority and deal with the skill shortage head-on. This will ensure that our responsibility in terms of delivering on the UK’s construction needs and retaining and developing fit-for-purpose team members, is met, helping us deliver on community and commercial goals.” 

Statom Group (Previously Gears Group) is a long-serving provider of Remediation, Groundworks and Structures solutions for the UK market and offers a range of services that can be tailored to meet specific project needs. They have a professional and experienced team who can handle all aspects of demolition, enabling works, remediation, groundworks, civil engineering and RC Frame construction across the UK.