Statom Group is bucking the trend for the construction industry, with productivity at an all time high and the business relocating to enable it to grow, the company is investing in sustainability for the future.

Sustainability plays an essential role in the future of the construction industry, and there has been a number of methods used in recent years to make construction greener and building more sustainable.

Building a Greener Future Statom Group

Statom Group has been taking several measures to make its construction more environmentally conscious. Sustainability is a crucial objective for the business, and they are determined to drive up environmental standards within the industry through massive investment and training methods.

As an industry, construction has a significant impact on the natural environment, economy, and society and as the industry grows, and materials become more limited and costly, traditional methods need to be adapted to keep them fit for purpose. Three critical areas of concern are energy, waste and CO2 production.


Statom Group has recently invested £3.5 million in new machinery which has core features of lower fuel consumption, lower noise and more energy efficiency, which are used on all Statom projects.

New Machinery Offers Fuel Efficiency

Pollution prevention is also crucial to Statom Group and is managed through efficient material, plant, equipment and tool selection. Using trusted haulage companies also enables Statom Group to track exactly where their waste is transported to and how it is recycled.

Globally, construction consumes almost 40% of total worldwide energy production, produces 30-40% of all solid wastes and between 35-40% of CO2. 

In the UK, much of the construction industry is trying to use sustainable construction techniques to help meet their target of reducing CO2 emissions by 50%, with 50% faster delivery and 33% lower costs from initial construction all the way through the life span of an erected building.

Statom Group works with a number of clients that use environmentally conscious building methods, and we are keen to continue to use new technologies and make the end design and structure far more sustainable.


Tom Hunter Construction Director explains “We have a long term vision for Statom Group and part of that vision is the role we play in relation to sustainability and the environment, by its very nature construction has environmental impact, but we can do all we can and invest in doing as much  as we can to limit the impact and try to play our part in a greener future” 

Statom Group (Previously Gears Group) is a long-serving provider of Remediation, Groundworks and Structures solutions for the UK market and offers a range of services that can be tailored to meet specific project needs. They have a professional and experienced team who can handle all aspects of demolition, enabling works, remediation, groundworks and civil engineering, RC frames constructions and utilities to clients across the UK.