Fast formworking operations, reduced material requirements and integrated safety have been key factors in Statom Group’s decision to purchase well-known systems from PERI’s range, such as TRIO, DOMINO and SKYDECK.

PERI's electric forklift truck preparing TRIO formwork for delivery

The significant investment in formwork equipment is to support Statom Group’s plant and machinery division. It is on top of additional investment in technology and plant, which exceeded £3.5 million by September 2020. Working with key partners like PERI Ltd allows Statom Group to resolve challenges and focus on the crucial requirements of large scale construction, RC frames and additional works, as well as to support the Statom Group Plant Division.

Statom Group is an established and experienced construction services company specialising in remediation, groundworks, and structures solutions for the UK market and has experienced consistent growth since it began in 2013 with a significant increase in 2020.

It was critical to future proof the company so that it was fully equipped to manage the increasing number of clients that were choosing Statom Group to deliver their often complex projects.

The company is committed to using the latest innovations in all aspects of construction equipment to remain commercially competitive and the preferred choice for clients and their projects.

New Statom Group PERI SKYDECK Falsework

Managing Director at Statom Group, Stan Nikudinski, said “We continue to move forward with confidence and ensure that we can grow with our clients' needs moving into 2021. PERI is an excellent business with a selection of formwork provisions that are industry-beating. Statom Group will continue to work with the world's leading providers as we look to deliver projects for our clients and build up our Statom Plant Division, well done to all involved!”

Senior Sales Engineer at PERI, Neil Butlin said: “PERI is proud to be working with Statom Group as a trusted supplier. This investment marks the start of a long-term partnership between both companies, and we are looking forward to leveraging the full benefits of PERI products and services to help Statom Group achieve the best results possible on future projects.”

Statom Group’s commitment to sustainability, which is shared by PERI, was also a factor in its decision-making process. This was due to the number of sustainable factors that go into the production of PERI’s formwork equipment, all improving their carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Source: PERI