Statom Group Ltd has invested £1.2m in 30 new Wacker Neuson DW60 (6 ton) and DW90 (9 ton) cabbed dumpers.

The purchase was made with a range of factors in mind, predominantly the safety and health of workers.

The vehicles provide 360 degree vision for the workers, allowing them to spot potential danger quickly and to operate more efficiently. The cabs provide additional protection from any falling debris and higher levels of comfort for use in all conditions throughout the year. These factors, combined with their Hydrostatic all-wheel drive system, that reduces the volume of required gear changes, led to Statom choosing these vehicles as the ideal support for the remediation and groundworks elements of their business.

Wacker Neuson Cabbed Dumpers for Statom Group

The dumpers will be deployed across all sites that Statom is working on and will be redeployed as required, in line with Statom’s agile plant and machinery practice.

All vehicles will run on HVO fuel, reducing CO2e emissions by around 90% compared with diesel.

In addition to the safety benefits offered by the dumpers, the fact that they are suited to all year round working, that they provide greater comfort and in cab functionality as well as all weather and terrain capability, means that the efficiency of work carried out by their operatives will be significantly increased.

Statom is committed to investing in the latest plant and machinery to improve efficiency, help their teams deliver better quality work for their clients and reduce maintenance downtime.

Stan Nikudinski, Managing Director of Statom Group Ltd, said: “This latest investment comes soon after our purchase and installation of one of the tallest freestanding luffing cranes in Europe. We are committed to equipping our professional team with the best, most modern fleet so we can deliver for our clients with minimal lost time and in the safest way possible.

“At this time especially, it is important that our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver on time and to budget with absolute quality. This can only be achieved, and the comfort provided to our clients, by investing in the best tools for the job.”