Statom Group is proud to have invested over £5M in 12 brand new (2021 edition) Tower Cranes that are now in operation across the East of England, London and the South East.


Currently in use at Barking Riverside & Abbey Road, the tower cranes are new Comansa 11LC160-08 Flat Tops & Comansa 16LC260-12 Flat Tops. Manufactured in Spain by Comansa, one of the longest standing Crane manufacturers.
These units provide cutting edge innovation, power efficient, fast hook speed, two fall to four fall line alteration system, Also included are advanced safety systems and award winning operator cabin comfort and ergonomics. Perfectly suited to UK residential and commercial construction, capable of lifting 8.0t. These particular units can be configured to work in close proximity, whilst maximising available ceiling heights in neighbouring locations like near Airports. Our cranes are capable of loading up to 12.0t and reach a height of 90m.